Keto and Paleo Shop Has Opened in Dallas, With Charcoal Lattes and Low-Carb Food

A shop called Formula Wellness Center has opened in Dallas' West Village. The company name can be deceiving: Though Formula is a wellness center — with microneedling, IV therapy and other non-surgical treatments available in the back — it's fronted by a grab 'n go shop called Fathack Coffee.

Fathack sells coffees loaded with MCT oil, coconut oil and butter — each of which are popular on the fat-forward keto and paleo diets. Fat won't make you fat is a mantra here.

The menu at Fathack Coffee uses fats as a "hack" to increase one's metabolism. "Instead of dressing your coffee with sugar, we use natural sources of fat for flavorful energy," the coffee shop menu says. "Loading your cup with MCT oil and coconut oil, which are easily converted to energy, will help power your performance both physically and mentally."

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