Keller Police Look for Trucks Responsible for ‘Donut' Damage

The Keller Police Department wants to know who is responsible for thousands of dollars in damage done to city property during the snow and ice storm over the weekend.

Police say that while snow and ice covered the ground Friday night, two Chevrolet pickup trucks did "donuts" on the lawn in front of Keller Town Hall.

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The Keller Parks and Recreation Department also discovered damage to the Keller Sports Complex.

“They came in with their four-wheelers and just did donuts all throughout the entire park,” said Gary Davis, manager for the Keller Parks Department.

The Keller Youth Association even tweeted about the issue.

Deep ruts now run through 12 fields at the Keller Sports Complex. Trails of grass were ripped from the ground where many fields were ruined over the weekend, and the city says it'll take weeks to repair the damage.

The city estimates as much as $10,000 in damage was done between Town Hall and the sports fields. If irrigation systems were damaged that estimate is expected to go up.

“Upsetting is definitely one word,” said Davis. “I got a call Saturday night from the rugby people and they said, ‘I don't know if you know, but you need to come out and look.'”

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Not far from the complex, surveillance video caught two pickup trucks doing donuts on the Keller Town Hall’s front lawn.

“We don't know if they are connected,” said Capt. Michael Wilson, with the Keller Police Department. “We do have some leads on the vehicles responsible for the damage.”

The Keller Indians 8-U baseball team was forced to practice in the batting cages Tuesday.

Meanwhile, crews have the challenge of fixing the grass. The parks department is going to try and have most of it cleaned within the next few days. Volunteers are even coming to help on Thursday.

This weekend, the park is hosting a baseball tournament with teams from all over the Metroplex expecting to play.

“It’s just silly,” said John Sivak, head coach of the Indians. “You find a puddle and you might want to ride through it. But this is public property and it’s for these little kids to learn how to play baseball.”

Police tweeted a photo of a truck believed to be responsible and asked that anyone with information call the Keller Police Department at 817-743-4500.

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