Deliberations to Continue Thursday in Super Bowl Seating Case

The jury will continue deliberations Thursday in a lawsuit against the NFL over problems with temporary seats at the 2011 Super Bowl in Arlington.

Hundreds of people with tickets to the 2011 game arrived at AT&T Stadium to find that they had obstructed views or no seat at all. Their attorney, Michael Avenatti, said NFL officials knew there would be issues with seats and cited at least 20 emails or text messages.

"At no time in this trial did they try to make it right," Avenatti said to the jury. "We ask that you ladies and gentleman do that."

Thad Behrens, the attorney for the NFL, said the league never denied responsibility for its failure.

"You might fall short of your goal," Behrens said. "And that can happen to a business as successful at the NFL."

Behrens agreed that the NFL needed to compensate five of the seven plaintiffs and told the jury to decide on an amount. He said the two that claimed their views were obstructed, though, did not deserve compensation.

The jury began deliberating at 11:50 a.m. and was sent home for the night at about 5 p.m.

NBC 5's Ken Kalthoff and The Dallas Morning News' Jeff Mosier are in the courtroom live tweeting from the trial -- see below:

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