JetBlue the Latest to Join DFW International's Roster

Airline begins daily flights to Boston

It is a first for JetBlue. Tuesday, the airline flew into DFW and started it's daily non-stop flights to Boston from DFW.

JetBlue is the fifth carrier DFW has added in the last 18 months. In that same time period, 12 international routes have been added.

Within a month, Cayman Airways will join the roster of airlines and will offer weekly flights.

Charlotte Bernstein, a passenger flying out of DFW on Tuesday said, "Every time I come the airport, it seems larger and larger, it's huge!"

That may be the case. Airport management said on Tuesday and Wednesday it was having talks about adding more gates and expanding terminals.

Unlike several other large airports, there is still space at DFW but it is filling quickly. Throughout the year, airport staff works to find partnerships with other airlines to bring in more carriers.

More carriers could ultimately mean cheaper flights because of the added competition among airlines.

DFW CEO Jeff Fegan said the airport is looking at getting more international routes including China, India and South America.

He admits new partnerships take time, sometimes as long as 6 or 7 years before the flights begin.

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