Jerry Jones “Incentitized” by Elliott's Influence on Offensive Line

Jones made up a word to explain his excitement on how running back Ezekiel Elliott can effect the offensive line


Not a word. Unless Jerry Jones says it, then maybe we can let it slide.

That's the word Jones used to describe his excitement for running back Ezekiel Elliott and his potential impact on the offensive line.

When talking about the O-Line, Jones said, "You've got a good bunch, but they're not beyond being 'incentitized.' And when they know they've got someone back there that can make those plays and get every ounce out of their work, they go to another level. Expect to see that. Elliott will bring that, along with McFadden.

Elliott was the top player on the Cowboys board before the draft. So needless to say, they liked him a lot. Jones was asked if it's possible he could be even more excited about Elliott now after spending the last few weeks with the first round running back.

"We were pretty excited. And I must have to say, that we have the expectation that we'll feel good about him right now. I would expect that," said Jones. "I think the more he gets out there the better, but he certainly won't disappoint."

Jones' wish is coming true, because Elliott will get a lot of time with the first team. Darren McFadden broke his elbow while grabbing for his phone. For the mandatory mini-camp and potentially the first part of training camp, Elliott is the Cowboys starting running back.

"It just means more reps with the first team," said Elliott. "You hate to see one of your warriors wounded, but he's going to be around a lot. He's going to be back as soon as possible."

When McFadden comes back, his starting job may be gone considering Elliott's early impact and draft status.

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