Jennifer Staubach Gates Costume Photo Sparks Controversy

Gates apologizes

A photo of Dallas City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates in a Halloween costume sparked controversy Friday with Hispanic leaders.

The photo showed Gates wearing a sombrero and a big mustache as the lime for a margarita, along with coworkers portraying the other ingredients.

The photo was evidently taken at Dallas City Hall.

It was posted on a closed Facebook page, but the Dallas Observer obtained it and posted it online.

The photo was widely circulated Friday.

Dallas City Council member Omar Narvaez sent NBC 5 a text message about the photo.

"I have received countless phone calls and messages from people that are offended from across the city, state and nation. I hope that Ms. Gates learns from this grave mistake, and publicly apologizes to all she has offended," the text from Narvaez said

Gates responded to a request for comment from NBC 5 with text messages:

"I posted a picture on my private personal page of my colleagues and I dressed as a lime in a margarita. I am sorry if I offended anyone for being a lime in a margarita," Gates said.

Gates also said she was traveling Friday and unavailable for an interview, but she confirmed the mustache in the photo was part of the costume.

Hilda Duarte, president of the League of Latin American Citizens Council 4782, called the photo demeaning and said Gates should resign.

"She did offend us. She should apologize publicly to all of us because nobody's personal Facebook is personal. We all saw it. We all have pictures and copies of it and we don't have room for that at city hall. I think she just needs to resign if that's how she wants to depict us. That's not who we are. We're not all about tequila," Duarte said.

Gates has been mentioned as a possible candidate for Dallas mayor next year. She is the daughter of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach.

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