Owners of Duncanville Swingers Club Found Guilty

'Cherry Pit' Owners Found Guilty of 10 charges

The co-owner of the Cherry Pit, Jim Trulock, was found guilty on 10 different charges for violating two city ordinances. The City of Duncanville says Trulock was operating a sex club in the city limits, and operating a sexually-oriented business without a license. Trulock was cited for each violation on five different days.

For the charges of operating the club within Duncanville city limits, Trulock will pay a $5000 fine, while on the charges of operating without a license, he will pay an additional $2500.

A city building inspector took the stand today. He told the jury he cited Mr. Trulock after talking to him and watching the activity outside of the house. During cross examination, the defense argued that since the inspector never went inside the house, he didn't know for sure what was going on inside. Several witnesses took the stand yesterday, but invoked their 5th amendment right when asked if they'd ever been to the "Cherry Pit".

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