Irving ISD Hit With Identity Theft

More than 50 victims in all

What started out as just one case of identity theft in the Irving Independent School District quickly snowballed, Irving police said. 

"To date, we've had, I believe, 46 people who have come forward and said they were victims," said Pat Lamb, director of security and operations for Irving ISD. 

It all came to a head at the Irving Mall Sears store in mid-January.  Police said Sharon Denise Seeley of Bedford went inside to buy four tires, using the name of an Elliott Elementary school teacher. 

Security quickly realized it was a fraudulent charge and Irving police arrested Seeley.

"She had enough information on more than 50 people to go out and establish bogus credit in other people's names," Irving Police Department spokesman David Tull said.

All of the victims were linked to the Irving ISD. Police said Seeley could have gotten the information several different ways, including digging through trash for the personal information.

The district said it is conducting its own internal investigation and so far, no breaches have been found. The district said it is also reviewing all of its security procedures with appropriate staff members. 


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