Ice Sales Red Hot In High Heat

Ice sales can double when temps hit 100


When temperatures hit triple digits, sales of ice can double.

"It's the busiest time of year," said Tim Moore, a driver for the Southwest Ice Company in Fort Worth. "Day like today -- normally when it hits, reaches passes that 100 mark -- we just double our ice sales almost. It gets hot, everyone needs it."

Moore delivers nearly eight tons of ice in 10-pound bags in one day, making nearly 30 stops at convenience stores, construction sites and restaurants.

"We can normally tell how the weather's been, how it's been going," he said. "We'll come by twice a week instead of once."

With just four trucks on the road, Southwest Ice will deliver 30 tons of ice on a triple-digit day.

"This is our time of year," Moore said. "This is when we make it."

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