Home Burglar Caught on Security Camera in Dallas

A Dallas homeowner is alerting other after a man tried to break into his home after damaging his outdoor security camera.
Dallas Police

Imagine getting an alert from your home security camera and then seeing someone walking up with bolt cutters and knocking the camera down.

It happened in Dallas, and the homeowner was at home at the time.

"It was crazy watching it live and hearing it from downstairs as well," said the homeowner Ronnie.

Ronnie said he started to yell and his dog barked.

The suspect in the "Texas" hoodie then got back into a truck and peeled away.

The scare at his home happened on March 23 near Maple and Kimsey.

Dallas police said the same truck was involved in a home burglary the day before.

Police released a video showing the suspect, wearing the same hoodie and another suspect, walk into the home before knocking the security camera down.

The suspect never made it into Ronnie's home, but he said it was still very scary.

"You have these questions going through your head like 'oh is he coming back and now I don't even have a camera on my front door, like am I safe?' You do tend to lose some sleep over stuff like this," said Ronnie.

Ronnie alerted the police and now he's alerting others in Dallas.

"I specifically say that, whenever anybody asks that the doorbell camera did save my life. You know it's crazy times and these things are unpredictable so it's always good to stay vigilant," said Ronnie.

Ronnie has been posting flyers with pictures of the suspect and the truck.

You can see additional photos and videos from Dallas police by clicking here.

Dallas police say the truck is a gray Dodge Ram and it may have a stolen Texas plate.

The plate number is PDR-7829.

They need your help to catch these guys.

If you have any information, call Dallas police.

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