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Home-Bound Seniors Get Vaccine, House Call Program In Fort Worth Steps In

Supply is limited and currently for program patients only, but the house calls offer opportunity to seniors who physically can't get to vaccination hubs

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Some home-bound seniors are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations right at their bedside.

Wednesday, the UNT Health Science Center's House Call Program, part of the Center for Geriatrics, started immunizing home-bound seniors enrolled in their program.

UNTHCS received 100 doses this week, all accounted for by the program's 150 patients.

"We are so excited to get the vaccine. This week, there's been lots of excitement at the clinic, trying to figure out who's willing to get the vaccination and how we can get out to their home and give it," said Health Science Center's Kate Taylor, DNP, FNP-C, CPP.

The house call team hopes to receive additional doses in the future to provide vaccinations to this extremely high-risk demographic in their own homes.

"It's important to vaccinate the home-bound patients. They're the sickest. They have mobility problems, functional problems and aren't able to get out and get the vaccination," said Taylor.

Wednesday's vaccine distribution efforts to home-bound patients were part of HSC's initial and very limited vaccine supply.

If you're interested in the HSC Health Center for Geriatrics House Calls Program, call 817-735-2200.

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