Dallas County

Hazmat Crews Disinfect 5 Dallas County Squad Cars

Several of the Dallas County deputies who entered the apartment visited by an Ebola patient are on paid leave and the vehicles they used are being cleaned.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department deputies were at the Ivy Apartments to ensure the family obeyed a court order that forbade them from leaving their apartment.

Officials said they had five vehicles towed to a county-owned temporary storage location in Hutchins where hazmat crews are cleaning them.

Crews will fog each vehicle for 30 minutes. Then, after the chemicals dissipate, each vehicle will be wiped down with more chemicals designed to kill any virus remaining on the surface.

Hazmat crews must wear air-tight, full-body biohazard suits and respirators while cleaning.

Officials said they don't think the vehicles have the Ebola virus living on their surfaces, but they're cleaning them to remove any doubt. The vehicles will be returned to duty soon.

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