Fort Worth Gun Show Drawing Big Crowd

Attendance and cost up at North Texas gun shows

Gun enthusiasts were met with long lines at the Will Rogers Memorial Center Saturday for The Original Fort Worth Gun Show.
"The attendance has just been over the top," said Tim Finucane, the show's owner.

Finucane said the gun show has been in his family for decades, but Saturday's crowd was a first. He said this crowd was driven by the uncertainty of gun laws in the wake of the school shooting in Sandy Hook, CT., that left 20 children and seven adults dead.
"The talk of restricting gun ownership, restricting ammo, restricting accessories, people are concerned," Finucane said. "They think they need to get out and buy it before the government takes it away."

President Barack Obama has formed a team that will look at gun control laws and possibly recommend new regulations.

Meanwhile, as the demand goes up, so do prices.

"Last year, I paid $345 for my .40 caliber hand gun. Now. I paid $557," said gun owner James Smith.

There were no protests visible to NBC 5 crews on Saturday.  However, a small crowd held a protest outside The Dulles Center in Virginia where "The Nations Gun Show" took place.

The Fort Worth gun show runs through the weekend -- and organizers expect as many people to show up on Sunday.

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