Gov. Abbott's One-on-One Interview About Mexico Trip

Governor Greg Abbott recently returned from an much anticipated trip to Mexico.

When he returned, he spoke exclusively to NBC 5 Political Reporter Julie Fine about his three-day trip.

“I was hopeful when I left for Mexico City that the trip would turn out well. It exceeded my expectations,” said Gov. Abbott.

He met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and other high ranking government officials, where the conversations ranged from trade, economic development to border security. Abbott says there was no tension at all.

“They were strongly supportive of securing their northern border with the U.S. and their southern border, and they had no criticism at all about what Texas is doing or what the U.S. is doing to ensure that we secure the border,” he added.

In fact, Abbott said they even discussed working in collaboration with border control agents.

And while the idea of building a wall to secure the border has come up during the campaign for president, it wasn’t an issue on this trip.

“I didn't come up. I think the reason for it is they were focused in working collaboratively with Texas and where we can go in the future,” said Abbott.

Abbott said he expects real results from his meeting, especially when it comes to natural resources.

“The biggest thing that will come out of this visit is what Texans will be able to do in working to develop, produce and explore oil and natural gas in Mexico, and off the shore of Mexico,” said Abbott.

He has also invited President Pena Nieto to come to Austin, and expects he will.

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