Give Cowboys OC Scott Linehan Credit for This Change With Beasley

I always enjoy my weekly chats with the Dallas Morning News. This week I got a lot of Dallas Cowboys questions as training camp is underway in Oxnard, California.

What do you think of the new ways the Cowboys are using Cole Beasley?

Newy Scruggs (NS): Give Scott Linehan credit for listening to his players and knowing that last year's results were not good. Cole Beasley is a receiver who has the trust of Dak Prescott. It's best to find new and creative ways to get the most out of him. That's what New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has done with Julian Edelman, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and others. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cole have his best season statistically because the opportunities will be there this fall.

What is your impression of the wide receiver group based on what you've seen so far at training camp? Still reason to be concerned?

NS: Let me see what the receiver group does in the preseason. These games will be key. I need to see who else besides Cole Beasley can gain the trust of Dak Prescott. Practice is nice but games are where I like to make my judgments. As Barry Switzer used to say, "Can you do it when the band is playing?" Too many guys Switzer coached at Oklahoma looked great in practice but didn't do squad in games. The band only plays during games.

Would you say that Zeke is in the best shape of his career right now?

NS: I don't know if we can say the "best" in his life but let's just say what is the most important - Ezekiel Elliott is in better shape than he was last year. The off the field issues didn't allow him to focus on the main thing which is football. He knows he lost out on his second rushing title. He sees the club might have made the playoffs if he had not missed six games. He is a hungry football player. He is in shape and I think he has a chance to have his most productive NFL season in 2018.

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