Garland Adds Flashing Yellow Arrows to Four Intersections

They're Flashy and They're Popping Up In Garland

Garland is adding flashing arrows to four of the city's high-traffic intersections to curb crashes.

The city is replacing the solid green balls with flashing yellow arrows to encourage drivers making left turns to pay closer attention when they yield to oncoming traffic.

"It's all about being safer on our roads," said Dorothy White, city spokeswoman. "It will get their attention more, they'll better understand whether they have the right of way or not and, therefore, we can decrease accidents."

The intersections receiving the flashing yellow arrows are:

  • Shiloh Road and Walnut Street
  • Buckingham Road and North Garland Avenue
  • Buckingham Road and Glenbrook Drive
  • Jupiter Road and Marquis Drive

"I do believe the flashing yellow light is a safer tactic," said resident John Fulgham, who says the arrows help keep traffic moving. "It lets you know that you can turn, but you have to be careful that no one else is coming in front of you."

City traffic planners say the flashing yellow turn signals are quickly becoming a national standard after a 10-year national study.

Henry Doriot said he noticed some confusion when the flashing arrows first went up but believes the intersections are now safer.

"I think more than two lights is confusing for people, but they should be an improvement if they pay attention," he said.

As more money becomes available, the traffic department will add the arrows when it replaces older traffic signals at other intersections.

"It saves everyone money if our roads are safer when we have few crashes to respond to, fewer injuries and, certainly, saving lives is important," White said.

The flashing arrows will also help traffic engineers program the timing of the lights, based on how much traffic there is.

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