Gamers Brave Freezing Temps for NES Classic

Like Black Friday, Best Buy handed out tickets guaranteeing one NES Classic per customer

North Texas gamers spent the night in sub-freezing temperatures to get their hands on one of the most exclusive gifts of the holiday season — the NES Classic Edition.

The retro gaming console was offered in Best Buy stores beginning at 8 a.m. Tuesday. The gaming console was not available online.

Among the first to secure his place in line was Damind Landry, who had waited outside Best Buy's store in Mesquite since Monday afternoon.

The $59.99 system comes loaded with 30 vintage Nintendo games and appears just like its 1980s cousin.

Best Buy used a ticketing system for people waiting in line. Employees pass out as many tickets as they had consoles available. Consoles were limited to one per customer.

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