Fort Worth ISD Serious About Student Cellphones

Phones will be confiscated, returned to parents after $15 fee

Fort Worth ISD is getting serious about its student cell phone policy.

District rules ban students in Pre-K through grade 5 from having any cell phone or telecommunication item on campus, while students in grades 6-12 can have the devices, but they need to be turned off and hidden away.

If a district employee sees a student in use of aforementioned devices the item will be confiscated and parents will have 30 days to retrieve the item, after paying a $15 fee.

To make the students more aware of the new policy, an informational poster campaign has started at each campus "that speaks directly to the teenagers in the language they understand."

We've collected the posters in this gallery, but we're pretty sure they're written in that fabled "language old people think young people speak in."

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