Frisco physician's medical license temporarily suspended after a death at a med spa

The Medical Director for Luxe Med Spa, Michael Patrick Gallagher, M.D., was not present when the patient died after receiving IV therapy

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A Frisco physician's medical license has been temporarily suspended after a woman died at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas.

The patient received an IV with vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, vitamin B12 and TPN electrolytes. According to the Texas Medical Board report, TPN electrolyte solution requires a prescription and is known to cause complications due to the potassium chloride in it.

They were found unresponsive shortly after receiving the IV. The staff called 911 and the patient was taken to a hospital in Mexia, Texas. The patient was pronounced dead at the hospital after several attempts of resuscitation, according to the Texas Medical Board investigation.

Michael Patrick Gallagher, M.D., whose reported area of practice is anesthesiology, was acting as the Medical Director for Luxe Med Spa. He had only been to the spa on the day of its grand opening in May 2023, once in June and then on July 10, 2023, when the patient died, according to a report from NBC affiliate KCEN-TV in Central Texas.

The owner, Amber Johnson, administered the IV therapy, but she was not licensed to perform IV treatment or administer prescription pharmaceutical solutions. The staff at the med spa was performing treatments with no licensed medical personnel at the spa, putting patients at risk according to the Texas Medical Board.

The Texas Medical Board found invoices showing that McKesson Pharmaceuticals was providing TPN and other prescription solutions to Luxe Med Spa using Gallagher's license. However, Johnson and other med spa staff were ordering from the provider using the physician's credentials.

A Frisco doctor's medical license is suspended over the death of a patient more than 100 miles away
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