Fort Worth Shelter Pets Fed Thanksgiving Feast

Community donations provide special meal to dogs, cats at city shelter

Fort Worth Animal Shelter

Animals staying at the Fort Worth animal shelter will be provided a special Thanksgiving meal thanks to the generous donations of supporters.

All of the dogs in residence at the shelter will be fed a meal of turkey with green beans, mashed potatoes and pumpkin along with a special treat.

Cats aren't being left out of the fun -- they'll receive a specially-formulated meal named "Thanksgiving Day Dinner" that is, "guaranteed to keep them purring."

The food was made available by donations of more than 300 pounds of turkey, 300 cans of green beans and plenty of pumpkin and mashed potatoes from Fort Worth residents responding to the shelter’s Amazon wish list.

The meals was passed out at noon on Thanksgiving Day and streamed live on Facebook here.

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