Fort Worth Man Wins With Scratch-Offs Twice in Less Than 9 Months

A Fort Worth man not only won two Texas Lottery scratch-offs twice in less than nine months, but also claimed a $1 million top prize.

The Texas Lottery says scratch-off fan T.W. Smith won $1,000 in February, then returned to the lottery claim center Tuesday to claim a $1 million prize in the 20X Cash game.

Smith purchased his latest lucky scratch-off at the EZ Mart #489 in the 100 block of East Bardin Road in Arlington. The store is now eligible for a $10,000 retailer bonus.

Apparently Smith is hoping to continue his lucky streak. "I'm at the store right now trying to scratch-off another win," Smith told the Texas Lottery Commission.

Smith prefers scratch-offs and says there's no special secret to winning. "I just go with the new ones. Whenever a new game comes out, I'll try it," Smith said.

The 20X Cash game costs $20 to play and the Texas Lottery Commission says it features more than $76 million in total prizes. Overall odds of winning any 20X Cash prize, including break-even prizes, are one in 3.05.

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