Fort Worth Company Holds Active Shooter Training for Public

A Fort Worth gun business is about to begin teaching the average person what do in an active shooter situation.

The Simunition House at Defender Outdoors is 2,000 square feet of different rooms that can be set up to look like a living room, restaurant or workplace.

This is one of the first places to give the average person the knowledge and skill to deal with an active shooter.

"There's different physiological and psychological things that happen to your body when you get into a fight of this situation," Director of Training Matt Lillis said. "What this type of training does is allow you to be and experience all of that in a safe training environment versus actually on the street or in  in your home."

For training with handguns, participants use a modified Glock 9mm that fires Simunition, a small round filled with paint.

"Lots of people go out and buy hand guns and rifles and stuff like that and they either sit in a closet or in a safe or they may come out to a static range every so often," Lillis said. "But that's not really training. That's not really preparing yourself for what could possibly happen."

The SIM Room at Defender Outdoors is going to open next month. The cost will be between $150 and $300 for the training.

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