Flu Cases Continue to Climb in Dallas, Denton Counties

The flu season isn't letting up.

Denton County said the number of cases is up almost 36 percent for the week ending Dec., 28, with 265 cases of the flu reported.

That same week, 13 people in Denton County spent time in the hospital because of the flu.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the flu is now widespread in Texas and 24 other states and the Texas Department of Health Services said influenza activity throughout the state is high.

Dallas County is also seeing an increase in flu cases.

"Dallas County is still seeing an uptick in flu cases, definitely people going to hospital emergency rooms with flu like illnesses," said Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services. "So that's going to be a concern going forward, especially next week as school begins, to start back from the winter break. Our concern is we want to make sure all children are getting their flu shots."

Dallas County's Immunization Clinic has been busy all week with parents bringing in their children for flu shots before they head back to school.

"We've seen a steady pace and an increasing pace because we definitely want to get those kids vaccinated for the flu for this influenza season," said the clinic's Tammara Scroggins.

The number of flu cases is expected to peak sometime over the next two months.

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