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Fans React to Ezekiel Elliott's Release From the Dallas Cowboys

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Like his picture on the side of the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco Ezekiel Elliott has had a larger-than-life impact on the Cowboys fans.

Hearing the news of the running back for the Cowboys has been released is hard for some like bobby mesa who named his son after him.

"He was an inspiration for his name,” Cowboys fan Bobby Mesa said. “We named him after him so Ezekiel. So, like I said I hope wherever he goes, wherever he lands you know he gets that super bowl because that's what he deserves. I feel like he is a great running back and he's going to go down as a Cowboys legend

He's not alone in his grief.

"I've been watching him ever since he started with the Cowboys and I just think it's going to be a big change not to see him on the field next season," fan Aaliyah Mendez said.

However, others are feeling this is the right move.

"I think it's long overdue,” fan William Bransetter said. “I think we need to be looking to the future and you know let him go on and play with another team or something."

Others agree with him.

“That's how the game goes,” fan Phillip Thompson said. “If you don't produce, they are going to move you on and that's a reality in just about everything."

Seven seasons with the Cowboys have now come to an end. Something that had to come someday.

"Everything has an end just like it has a start,” Mesa said.  So, it looks like his road has come to an end here but like I said I wish for him the best wherever he goes."

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