North Texas

Family and Friends Fund Search for North Texas Newlyweds Missing in Bahamas

Forrest and Donna Sanco were supposed to be on a romantic wedding and honeymoon trip to the Bahamas, but somewhere along the way, they went missing without a trace.

"My biggest fear is we'll never know, never be found and never know anything," said friend, Jason Fox. "We're just kind of waiting to find him floating on a cooler or whatever, you know?"

The Sancos took off September 22 on a single engine 1966 vintage Cessna, piloted by Forrest Sanco. 

"He ended up buying that plane to go on the trip," explained Fox. "That was Forrest."

Fox and Sanco text and emailed during the trip from North Texas, to Alabama, to Florida, and the first stop in the Bahamas. 

"This was my last correspondence," Fox said looking at an email dated September 26. It started "Hey Buddy..." and mentioned the trouble with his plane that he'd had fixed. "No big deal," the email read.

Sanco never made it to his final destination of Rum Cay.

"So one of the things I've been doing is just taking this magnifying glass and scouring these pictures," Fox said looking at photos taken from a private search plane. Friends and family are paying for the search, since government search and rescue resources in the area have been stretched thin by recent hurricanes.

Fox said he's clinging to hope. "That they are somewhere on one of these little islands, adrift, still alive, just waiting for rescue."

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