‘Exceptionally poor judgment,' Southlake Police fire two officers over swastika drawing

The use of a hate symbol in an attempt at humor was "inexcusable," chief says

NBC 4 New York

Two Southlake Police officers are out of a job after the chief of police said they showed exceptionally poor judgment by drawing and sharing a hate symbol during a meeting.

Southlake Chief of Police James Brandon said in a statement Friday that he was told on June 14 a swastika had been drawn during a break in a meeting attended by members of the police department.

That drawing, which Brandon said was drawn in an inexcusable attempt at humor, was then shared with others.

Brandon didn't share any context for why or where the symbol had been drawn and didn't say who the drawing had been shared with. He did say the drawing was not related to the department's patch or logo.

On Friday, Brandon said two officers had been fired in connection with the drawing for showing "exceptionally poor judgment and a lack of leadership during this incident."

"As chief I am deeply disappointed in the lack of judgment shown by the actions of the officers involved. I know that their actions do not reflect the values of the men and women who serve and protect our community each day, our city leadership, our organization, or our community," Brandon said. "Hate symbols do not reflect the values that we share as public servants and are not acceptable in any form or situation. The display of a symbol of hate undermines the confidence of the public in our department and does not reflect our values as public servants."

Brandon, who did not publicly name the officers who were terminated, said he hoped the disciplinary action sends a clear message about the department and the city's values.

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