Everything Not Rosy for Florists

Local businesses hit hard by severe winter weather

Businesses across North Texas -- especially florists -- are scrambling to make up for lost profit after the severe winter weather. 

Joe Prevratil, who owns Holly's Gardens and Florist in Denton, said this was a bad time for bad weather. It's the final stretch before one of his busiest days of the year -- Valentine's day.

"We should have our roses in already and wired and prepared, and we are not quite there yet, so we will spend a lot of late hours this week," he said.

Prevratil said florists across North Texas are running behind because of the icy weather.

Despite the bitter conditions last week, Prevratil remained open and braved the roads for his loyal customers. 

"[I was] flat on my back a couple of times out delivering, but we managed it just fine," he said. "We are not corporate owned, we are mom-and-pop. If we are not here, we don't get paid."

Vendors also couldn't make deliveries because of the weather, adding another challenge. Prevratil was still waiting Thursday on 2,000 roses to fill his Valentine's bouquets.

"We will be playing catch up, but thank goodness we will have Sunday to do that as well," he said.

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