North Texas

EPA Takes Issue with Handing Out Mosquito Dunks

Don't go to Town Hall in Trophy Club looking for free mosquito dunks.

After two summers of providing free dunks to residents, Trophy Club had to stop giving them out because they weren't in the proper packaging.

"We buy them in bulk, and then we take and put them in individual packages and pass those out to residents with a copy of the instructions," said Trophy Club Development Service Manager Pat Cooke. "And then we got notice that we weren't allowed to do that anymore."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that the dunks remain in the manufacturer's original packaging when they are distributed.

"I understand the need for the labeling on the packages to make sure that our citizens are using them as safe and proper way, so we'll do that in the future," said Trophy Club Town Manager Mike Syle.

For now, the town is using up the 100 or so they have left by sending someone to personally put out the dunks for residents who request them.

"If you have a need for dunks, we'll come out and dunk it for you," said Syle.

Many other North Texas municipalities offer free mosquito dunks for residents.

Dallas County provides them in the proper packaging to cities for their residents, as does the city of Burleson.

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