Embattled McKinney Councilman Files Lawsuit Over Recall Election

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On the heels of a recall election to oust McKinney city council member La'Shadion Shemwell, he's filing a lawsuit claiming the way the city’s handling the election isn’t legal.

The lawsuit takes issue with a recent charter amendment to make the vote to take Shemwell's seat in November is set to be open to all Mckinney residents rather than just those in his district.

It claims the votes from his minority-dominated district will be watered down by the majority white vote from the rest of the city.

His attorneys, Lee Merritt and Blerim Elmazi, claim it’s a federal civil right and voting rights violation.

They said there’s never been a recall election in McKinney before.

“I’ve been very vocal about racial injustices in this city and in this country for a long time. And it seems to a degree, that the country is now speaking up with me. I’m certain the city will do the right thing and give my constituents in district one the ability to have their own voice and not dilute the voters in my district. That’s what we're asking,” said La’Shadion Shemwell.

The effort to recall Shemwell's seat began last year shortly after he asked the city council to declare a "Black State of Emergency" following officer-involved shootings in Texas.

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