Easter Service Between Flights

Church services held for passengers and employees at DFW

When you think of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, most people think of restaurants, shops and waiting for flights. But for some travelers and employees who spent their downtime in Easter Sunday Church Services, it was a place to worship away from home.

"It's just very important that we can, even at work, we can come here on Sundays and be able to worship with them," said Vickie Brown who works at DFW International Airport.

Easter Sunday is the busiest service for chaplains who keep the doors open to people who need a place to pray 24/7.  On this Easter Sunday, Chaplain Leslie Grounds delivered a powerful message.

"It's not just Easter, the Easter bunny, but it is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ," said Grounds.

DFW Airport has five places of worship, and holds regular interfaith and non-denominational services on Sunday at each of the five terminals.
Grounds said it gives them a chance to pray for, and with, various passengers, employees and soldiers, who may have to go to fight in Afghanistan.

"Everybody needs to have their spirits lifted and encouraged and doesn't matter what their denominational background is," said Grounds.

The Catholic and Protestant services are available Sunday's in Terminals A through E.  They also provide bibles and prayer mats for those of various faiths to use while inside the chapel.

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