Earthy-Tasting Tap Water in Collin County Safe to Drink

Some Collin County residents are turning up their noses at smelly tap water.

Phil Glasgow, of Plano, stopped drinking it. His family switched solely to bottled water after noticing a difference in taste last week.

"It’s been off-tasting enough that we've went out and bought the one-gallon jugs of water,” he said.

The taste is coming from an algae bloom in Lavon Lake which is normal for this time of year.

But two things are making matters worse: Heavy spring rain and a water pump that recently broke.

"The pump's been restored, although as hot as it's been and with the vegetation that's now underwater, I do anticipate a very strong algae bloom this summer,” Denise Hickey with the North Texas Municipal Water District said.

Hickey says they've stepped up the ozonation process, which disinfects the water and helps minimize the taste and odor.

"The water is safe to drink for use and consumption,” she said.

The NTMWD supplies water to cities in Collin, Denton, Dallas, Kaufman, Rockwall, Hunt, Hopkins and Rains counties.

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