Dallas Police

2 Arrested in Dallas Synthetic Marijuana Case: Police

Dallas police say two men face felony drug charges in what may be the county's first felony cases related to K2 synthetic drugs.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, police said they first became aware of a spike in overdoses involving K2 in the downtown area in the first week of January.

Raw video of Wednesday’s press conference by the Dallas Police Department saying two men face felony drug charges in what may be the county’s first felony cases related to K2 synthetic drugs.

K2 is also known by other names such as "Spice," and the chemicals involved can cause sickness, organ failure, brain damage and death, police said.

Martin Zamora, 28, and Dominick Harrell, 31, were both arrested on first-degree felony of delivery of a controlled substance.

They were both jailed on a $100,000 bond.

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What are Synthetic Cannabinoids/Marijuana (K-2, Spice)?
Marketed as a "legal high," K-2, or other synthetic cannabinoids, are chemical compounds that mimic the effect of tetrahydrocannabinoil, or THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The chemical is typically sprayed on dried herbs that are smoked. Like many illegal drugs, synthetic cannabinoids are not tested for safety and users have no way of knowing what was used in their production. The drugs have been outlawed in all 50 states.
Side Effects
According to The American Association of Poison Control Centers, synthetic drugs can be life-threatening and addictive. Effects can include:
  • Hallucinogenic effect of marijuana that may be intense and last as long as two hours -- could include psychotic episodes.
  • Suicidal thoughts and/or actions
  • Panic attacks, severe agitation and anxiety
  • Tachycardia (fast, racing heartbeat) or elevated blood pressure
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Vomiting, tremors, seizures and muscle spasms
  • Organ and brain damage

In 2010, a number of North Texas cites banned K-2, and other similar compounds, from being sold in the city limits.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, in April 2011 the DSHS "placed five synthetic cannabinoid substances in Schedule I of the Texas Schedules of Controlled Substances making it illegal to manufacture, distribute, possess and sell the substances. However, shortly after that the Texas legislature expanded the synthetic marijuana ban to broadly include subclasses of synthetic cannabinoids and explicitly listed several compounds (effective Sept. 2011 by S.B.,331)."

In 2011, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed into legislation S.B. 331, designating certain synthetic cannabinoids as controlled substances under the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

According to the National Conference of State Legislators, since 2011, all 50 states have banned both cannabinoids and cathinones (bath salts).

Need Help?
Dial 911 immediately if someone: Stops breathing, collapses or has a seizure.
If you need more information or if you believe someone you know is being affected by the use of synthetic cannabinoids, call the local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 to determine whether someone needs medical treatment or if they can be treated at home.
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