DPD Major Promotions Boost Command Staff

Some express disappointment that 12 appointed don't reflect Dallas

Dallas Police Chief David Brown promoted 12 lieutenants to the newly created rank of major on Wednesday.

Some say they are disappointed that the racial and gender makeup of the 12 does not reflect Dallas. Just one is a woman, two are black, and two are Latino.

But Brown said the rest of his command staff is the most diverse in the nation. He said he has promoted more women to deputy chief positions than any chief before him.

"We're quite cognizant of diversity, but we're also needing qualified diversity," he said.

Newly promoted Maj. Melissa McGee will supervise the Northeast Patrol night shift, where she started at the department as a rookie 17 years ago. She said she welcomes the challenge of her new position.

"I'm very excited and very honored to be one of the first majors in the Dallas Police Department," she said. “And, yes, I do feel the pressure being the only female, and there very many qualified and capable individuals."

Brown said seniority-based staffing puts the most inexperienced officers on the night shift so he requested City Hall approval for the new major rank to improve management and help existing deputy chief commanders with their workload.

Seven of the 12 majors will supervise night shift patrols.

"They'll be the people we expect to act as chief in our stead, being groomed to take over the organization and provide leadership during these critical, critical times in our working hours," Brown said.

Brown said chief-level retirements expected over the next few months give him the opportunity to appoint more majors soon.

"There's no question in my mind that the command staff will remain the most diverse in the country," he said.

The other officers promoted Thursday were:

  • Maj. Edwin Ruiz-Diaz, a 23-year veteran
  • Maj. Scott Walton, a 21-year veteran
  • Maj. Gary Tittle, a 25-year veteran
  • Maj. Scott Bratcher, a 31-year veteran
  • Maj. Michael Coleman, a 25-year veteran
  • Maj. Robert Sherwin, a 25-year veteran
  • Maj. Drayson Robertson, a 24-year veteran
  • Maj. Jeff Cotner, a 30-year veteran
  • Maj. Albert Martinez, a 19-year veteran
  • Maj. John Lawton, an 18-year veteran
  • Maj. William Humphrey, a 31-year veteran
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