Dog Who Walked 40 Miles Back to Family Has New Home in Texas

Eventually the humane society matched the dog with a family in Winnsboro, Texas

A Great Pyrenees mix named Cathleen has a new home in Texas after she made two 20-mile trips back to the family that surrendered her. 

Cathleen's original owners, living in Seminole, Oklahoma, were forced to surrender the 6-year-old dog due to health issues and a landlord that didn't allow pets. They gave her to a family in Prague, Oklahoma.

During the first four months with her new family, Cathleen escaped, twice, to make the 20-mile journey back to Seminole to see her previous owners.

That's when Seminole Humane Society stepped in. 

"Her heart wants to be with them, but they cannot keep her," the humane society posted on Facebook.

The post was widely shared and people all over the country submitted adoption applications.

But eventually, the humane society found a perfect match with a family in Winnsboro, Texas. 

The humane society said they'll continue to post updates as Cathleen settles in with her new family.

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