Disgraced Former State Rep. Hodge Gets Prison Time

Former state rep. pleaded guilty to tax fraud


Former Texas Representative Terri Hodge was sentenced to 12 months in prison Tuesday. Hodge pleaded guilty to fraud and filing false statements on a tax return back in February.

She resigned from office as a condition of her plea agreement and promised she would not seek or hold public office in the future.

Prosecutors said Hodge admitted that she filed a U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, Form 1040, with the IRS, that she well knew omitted income of $6,914 in 2001; $27,062 in 2002; $13,402 in 2003; $19,908 in 2004; and $6,720 in 2005.  Hodge further admits that as a result, she owes the following in taxes (excluding penalties and interest) to the IRS:  $1,937 for 2001; $1,496 for 2002; $1,908 for 2003, $3,887 for 2004, and $1,680 for tax year 2005, for a grand total of $10,908.

Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn ordered Hodge to report to a federal correctional facility on Tuesday, June 22, 2010. It has not been determined where she will serve her prison sentence. Hodge must also serve a one year probation following her release.

Hodge was one of 14 people indicted in a Dallas city hall corruption case.

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