DISD Cuts, Shuffles Magnet School Teachers

Some parents are upset after the Dallas Independent School District cut teachers from some of the city's top magnet schools and learning centers.

The district announced Thursday that 26 magnet schools and learning centers will lose 235 positions.  Magnet school teachers will not lose their jobs under the plan, but will be relocated to other schools in the DISD.

The district said the cuts are necessary because the magnet schools receive more money per student than traditional campuses. The additional funding goes against a federal mandate that says all districts who receive Title I funds must fund all schools equally.  Ignoring the rule put DISD at risk of losing $100 million in federal funds, school officials said.

Some parents of students who attend magnet schools wanted the district to fight for waivers, exempting the magnet schools from those funding rules.  The district said its lawyers looked at that possibility, but was not able to find a way around the situation.

After weeks of debate, the school board voted 5-4 to approve the staffing changes last Friday.

Dallas' magnet schools and learning centers have a specialized focus on business, science and the performing arts.

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