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Did Guyger's Testimony Help or Hurt Her Case?

A big question after hearing from Amber Guyger first-hand on Friday: Did her testimony help or hurt her case?

At least one expert says she seemed genuine.

Attorney and former Dallas County prosecutor Thomas D'Amore says Guyger's attorneys were effective at portraying her as a hard-working police officer who just wanted to go home the night of the shooting.

"I thought that was very emotional, it seemed very genuine, didn't seem contrived at all," D'Amore said.

He says Guyger did a good job explaining why she pulled the trigger and why she walked out of Jean's apartment when she realized something was wrong.

"That, I think, has a ring of truth to it because common sense would say you want to get somebody there you need to know where you are," D'Amore said.

But during cross examination, D'Amore questioned the relevance of prosecutors bringing up text messages again between Guyger and her former police partner, Martin Rivera, who was married.

During cross examination, prosecutors said to Guyger, "So as this family is thinking about having to bury their son and their brother, two days after the event you are already going back to taking about getting drunk and doing sexual things with Martin Rivera?"

Guyger replied, "Yes, I did."

"Some might say that they tried to show her character flaws to try to get a jury not to feel sorry for her," D'Amore said. "They're [jurors] actually instructed not to let sympathy play a roll in deliberations."

D'Amore says the case ultimately comes down to whether jurors believe Guyger's actions the night of the shooting were reasonable.

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