DFW Still Tops Nation in Tower Cranes

An estimated 105 tower cranes soar above our skylines

Dallas-Fort Worth is growing – the population, the jobs, the skylines.

And it is the skylines that are increasingly home to a sight that is visible in North Texas more so than anywhere else in the country – the tower crane.

As of this week there are an estimated 105 tower cranes up and operating in DFW, according to industry sources, which is the most of any metro area in the United States.

In January, the number of tower cranes – the tall, ‘T-shaped’ cranes that allow for the efficient lifting and maneuvering of heavy materials around a construction site – in Dallas-Fort Worth was believed to have been 87.

"This is one of the strongest areas in the entire United States for construction," said Reno Russell, who oversees the sale and leasing of tower cranes all across the southwest for Bigge Crane and Rigging, the largest provider of cranes in the country. "There's a tremendous amount of growth and it really is a sign of good economic times."

As of July, the individual city with the most tower cranes working was Seattle, with 58, according to the Rider Levett Bucknall North American Crane Index.

According to Reno Russell of Bigge Crane, the tower cranes are in such high demand in DFW that there are not enough to go around. If a construction company decides today that they need one for a major project, they are not likely to receive it until sometime in 2018, Russell said.

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