How Will We Teach?

What will schools look like a decade from now?

It's difficult to predict how schools will change in the next ten years.  Many districts have five year plans, but a decade is tough to forecast.

One thing they know for sure is that classrooms of the future  will be minus traditional textbooks.

New legislation gives school districts the right to use part of their textbook budget to purchase laptops and e-readers that may one day replace textbooks all together.

While students already have access to a lot of technology like computers and interactive white boards, even more technology will be introduced as districts like DISD strive to close the digital divide that exists in different socioeconomic groups.

Students in the class of 2020 dream of becoming singers, teachers and firefighters.  In the Fort Worth ISD, they'll work to make those dreams a reality through schools of study; places that give students a chance to learn more about the fields that interest them.

The big challenge in education over the next decade  will be identifying the viable carreers of the future, rather than focusing on jobs of the past.

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