Dez Bryant Sounds Off on Twitter About Time With Cowboys

Dez Bryant sounded off on Twitter after seeing a SiriusXM NFL Radio tweet where Stephen Jones attributed some of the team's offensive struggles last season to the former Cowboys' receiver - warning, some of these tweets do contain obscenities.

The Cowboys released Bryant on April 13. The Cowboys have intimated they released Bryant because he was a poor route-runner and Prescott felt compelled to target the veteran receiver when he didn’t get double-covered.

Bryant tweeted that the real issue was playcalling and scheme, not him.

The Cowboys have described their offense as an “execution” offense, which means it’s designed for the player to win his individual battle as opposed to using the scheme to get the player open with bunch concepts or run routes.

Privately, the Cowboys have long said they didn’t move their receivers around because Bryant was not comfortable running routes from every position.

Several of the Cowboys Dez called out have responded.

He went on to call Jerry Jones clueless and call linebacker Sean Lee a "snake."

Bryant claims Lee played a role in having him cut from the team.

Dez said he has been minding his own business; he blamed Stephen Jones' radio comments for his response.

But Bryant said things have not been all bad since his tenure with the team ended: "I don't have to suffer anymore."

Bryant said the team's performance this year would show he was not at fault for last year's struggles.

He said his suffering was caused by disloyal fans.

Dez has said, however, that he does not dislike all his former teammates, namely Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Cole Beasley.

Dez seemed to indicate that at least one journalist had a true understanding of his situation.

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