Seth Voorhees

Denton to Vote on Future of Downtown Mural

Denton city council is expected to decide Tuesday whether a large mural outside a popular bar will stay or go.

The issue is with a mural painted by a Denton artist, which wraps around the building which houses Andy's Bar, on the city square.

"It's really cool," said Jim Syndor of Denton. "I think it brings a lot of character to the city."

The mural is one of many in the city of Denton.

"Ultimately, when you see this you see an attempt to share beauty with an entire city," said Jeff Hood of Denton.

The building also happens to be a historic landmark. The city only approved the mural to be painted on the side -- not on the front facade.

"I understand the dilemma, if you want to put it that way," said Syndor. "That council members have."

In October, by a vote of 7-0, Denton's Historic Landmark Commission ruled the facade would have to be painted over, saying it doesn't fit in with downtown Denton's historic character. The bar's owner, Eric Pulido, appealed the decision. Denton city council was scheduled to vote on the appeal at Tuesday night's meeting. Pulido did not return messages seeking comment.

Meanwhile, social media comments have sided heavily with the bar's appeal of the historic landmark commission's ruling. Ultimately, the issue for the city is not with the look -- but rather, with the law.

"I think it's worth making the exception," said Syndor.

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