Denton ISD Plans to Put More Tech in Classrooms

The Denton School Board will soon decide whether to spend $6.6 million to put more technology in the hands of their students.

The Denton Independent School District is recommending a plan to the board that will put sets of about a dozen Google Chromebooks into most classrooms over the next four years.

Throughout the year, 20 classrooms have been testing options to upgrade the district from their current desktop computer stations to an up-to-date mobile interface.

The test classrooms have been switching off between touchscreen Chromebooks and iPads.

District Instructional Technology Director Dwight Goodwin said the Chromebooks seemed to work better for them since they had an attached keyboard, so that was the devices they decided to write into the final plan.

The district did stop short of issuing a tablet/computer to each student like other districts have done.

They also hope this setup will allow them to keep their technology up to date so they can continue training students on devices that they will use in the real world.

"This is their fluency and currency. This is their future, and we want them to be prepared for the future. That's what we do in education,” said Goodwin.

The school board is set to vote on the plan at their February 9 meeting.

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