Dems Not Giving Up on Texas Governor's Race

The last time a Democrat was governor of Texas, Bill Clinton was president and Tupac Shakur was still alive.

But the current head of the Democratic National Committee hopes to change the future.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, the top Dem at the DNC, stopped in Dallas to talk to a group of loyal supporters. Kaine said the DNC will not only support Texas Dems, it will spend important campaign money in Texas.

"We are going to, at the DNC, going to be major investors in Texas," Kaine said. "I don't make courtesy visits; I'm making visits to win. I feel really good about where we're going in Texas."

Kaine said both the Senate and governor's race are important to national Democrats, but he trimmed back speculation that President Barack Obama would come down to Texas to raise money for Texas Democrats.

But Kaine insists the DNC is committed to a Democratic win in the governor's race.

"We're very exciting about participating in the governor's race," he said. "It has been a long time, but we can see trends in Texas that are strong."

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