Demonstrators Met by Counter-Protest Outside University of North Texas Thursday

Demonstrators were met with counter-demonstrators for a second day outside the campus of the University of North Texas in Denton.

“These people say they are Christians but they aren’t Christians," said one UNT student.

The group of street preachers spoke out against abortion, gay marriage and the Black Lives Matter movement. Students on campus said they respect their freedom of speech but do not agree with the "street preachers" message.

“We decided to just react with the most lighthearted thing we could to show we are not the same people they are, we are people of love,” said a UNT student.

Thursday afternoon, the university said in a statement that a small group of about seven or eight non-UNT students were on city streets holding signs with "various slogans and phrases meant to provoke emotional responses from passersby."

The student group outnumbered the demonstrators once again Friday.

In response, around 600 students gathered Thursday at the Library Mall to "expressing views of love and peace." Some carried signs and chanted "real Christians don't hate." Several dozen turned out Friday as well.

The university said the those involved on both sides remained peaceful Thursday, and appeared to be peaceful again Friday from Texas Sky Ranger's vantage point.

"Our university has a tradition of valuing the many viewpoints and experiences of our members, as well as their moral, ethical, and religious beliefs and practices. Our community’s greatest assets are the collective diversity of thought at this university, our willingness to respect and examine differing viewpoints, and our ability to engage in constructive dialogue in a civil manner," the university said in a statement Thursday.

The group of demonstrators originally refused to identify themselves, but according to the university's student newspaper, the North Texas Daily, the group has been identified as part of the National Street Preachers Conference which is currently taking place in Arlington.

The group's website called the event at UNT an "outreach" and according to The National Street Preachers Conference's website planned another event for Sundance Square in Fort Worth Friday night. They plan to be at the Grassy Knoll in Dallas on Saturday afternoon and will return to Sundance Square Saturday night.

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