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Dallas Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe, Zebra Born Days Apart

Both baby animals are healthy

Baby Zebra and Giraffe born
Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo has welcomed two newborn animals to the park — a zebra foal and giraffe calf born within a week of each other.

The Hartmann's mountain zebra was born July 23 and was up and walking around about an hour after its birth, according to the Dallas Zoo.

The foal weighed in at 68 pounds at birth.

The zoo said both the mother, Wanda, and her foal are healthy and bonding behind the scenes.

Six days later, Betty the giraffe gave birth to a female calf that weighs over 160 pounds and stands just under six feet tall.

Both the mother and the calf — Betty's first — are healthy.

"Betty has already proven to be an incredibly relaxed, attentive mother, which is wonderful to see," the zoo said in a Facebook post announcing the birth.

The zoo has not announced a date for when visitors will be able to see the two new additions in their habitats.

Though they may be the biggest, the zebra and giraffe are not the only new arrivals at the zoo. The zoo also recently announced the the addition of three new maribou stork chicks and four white-faced whistling ducks.

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