Dallas Tops Snobbiest City List

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When you think of Dallas, some may picture the unique, colorful skyline, great restaurants and shops and never-ending construction.

But Big D just landed a new distinction...as one of the snobbiest cities in America.

After dodging the snobby top ten list for years, Dallas has just been ranked the seventh snobbiest city in the country by Travel + Leisure magazine.

The mag says "this is a city where right-of-way is determined by blue-book value, and the stereotypically well-coiffed locals struck readers as the opposite of quirky."

The survey revealed that some Dallas residents may come off as intellectual and confident. Maybe too confident. Perhaps even bordering on pretentious.

They credit our fair city's fancy hotels, spas, theaters, museums and Neiman's at NorthPark as good Dallas living.

Other cities that topped the list with its upturned noses include:

1. New York
2. Miami
3. Los Angeles
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Boston
6. Tampa
7. Dallas
8. San Francisco
9. Salt Lake City

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