Dallas Teen Has Message For Teens Who Vape

A 15-year-old student in Dallas is fighting back against the teen vaping epidemic.

Haley Coleman is a sophomore in school, but last year, she made it her mission to educate her peers about vaping.

She says she was concerned that so many teens were vaping but didn't know how safe it was so she dove head first into whatever research she could find.

After gathering enough information and meeting with several local school counselors, she launched an anti-vaping campaign which includes speeches, awareness stickers and different assemblies and fundraisers.

She feels that teens can connect with her because she's their age and she hopes they hear her message.

"When you vape, you're signing up for the unknown. You have no idea what they could discover about vaping," said Hockaday sophomore Haley Coleman.

Haley took on the anti-vaping campaign as her Gold Award Project for the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

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