Dallas Skyline to Glow Red in Remembrance of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

NBC 5 News

This Thursday, the Dallas skyline will turn red in remembrance of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women across the United States.

Thursday, May 5 is the National Day of MMIW Awareness.

MMIW TX Rematriate started the tradition in 2021. The organization helps to search for missing relatives, aids in the healing process of their families, and advocates for social change.

Last year, only three buildings agreed to turn red in an effort to spread awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women.

This year, seven buildings will light up red to show their support, and MMIW TX Rematriate said the organization is still counting.

The organization said it is inviting all of the relatives of missing and murdered indigenous women to go outside, take in the color, and remember the reason why the skyline glows red on Thursday.

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