Dallas Police on Alert After Rash of Nationwide Shootings

Dallas police officers are encouraged to work in pairs following a deadly attack on a San Antonio officer.

Interim Dallas Police Chief David Pughes sent out a memo recommending officers take advantage of the two-officer patrol that was recommended after the July 7 ambush that killed five officers in downtown Dallas.

"We have officers that are very very worried. To say that we're not scared would be a lie, of course we are," said Dallas Police Sgt. Michael Mata.

Mata, the Dallas Police Association's vice president, says it's a troubling reality for the men and women who are just doing what they swore to do: protect the public.

He says officers are not only concerned for their safety but also taking precautions following this weekend's rash of officer shootings nationwide. In addition to the death of San Antonio Police Detective Ben Marconi, three officers in Missouri and Florida were injured in shootings Sunday.

"I think the far majority of officers feel like they want to ride two-man right now. We have a responsibility to our families, and just like I told my wife, I'll do everything I can to make sure I come home safe," Mata said.

In his memo to officers, Interim Chief Pughes reinforced that, "officer safety and the safety of our citizens is our number one priority. In addition, officers are approved and encouraged to work with a partner if they choose."

Mata added that officers are being reminded to mark out on traffic stops exactly where they are, and when an officer is spotted during a traffic stop, an additional unit should pull over to make sure they're OK.

"It's a very difficult time right now for the law enforcement community, and I just ask the public to understand what we're going through," Mata said.

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