Dallas Police Find Man Shot Dead in Home

Dallas police are searching for killers Thursday morning after finding a 62-year-old man beaten and fatally shot in his home.

Investigators say Nathan Dotson was found dead in his home after a neighbor called 911. That neighbor reported hearing gunshots and reported seeing several people running from the house.

Police discovered the home had been ransacked. Friends tell police that Dotson would have given the suspects anything they wanted and insist they didn’t have to shoot and kill him.

“He was a good man.  If he could help you, he would,” said friend Shelia Dixon-Turner.  She said she has known murder victim Nathan Dotson for some 40 years.

Dixon-Turner was at his Ladale home Wednesday night, she said, helping the 62-year-old retired construction worker fill out paperwork for Medicaid.  She ran home to put her son to bed and returned to a crime scene -- her long-time friend had been killed.

“I was supposed to go back at 10.  I would’ve been there, if I would have gone back then, if my son would’ve been asleep,” says Dixon-Turner.

Officers say Dotson had gashes and bruises all over his body from being beaten, but a bullet is apparently what killed him.

“It’s sad.  I hope they find whoever did this,” says Dixon-Turner.

A large group of grieving family and friends had gathered outside Dotson’s home early Thursday morning after hearing about the murder.  Emotions boiled over and a scuffle broke out.  People in the crowd calmed the chaos.  Still, so many are struggling to understand why anyone would kill the church volunteer, father, and retiree who had just started to enjoy life.

“Then this tragedy happened.  It’s so sad,” Dixon-Turner says.

Police say they have not made any arrests and are working to uncover the motive for the murder.

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